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About Us


About Us

Multilingual Wellbeing Services is a consortium of independent voluntary sector providers of black, minority and ethnic mental health services.

The founding partners are Barnet Refugee Service, the Chinese Mental Health Association, and Farsophone Counselling Service.

The Multilingual Wellbeing Services work to promote mental health and wellbeing in linguistic and culturally appropriate ways to all ethnic groups across the borough of Barnet.

About Mental Health

Mental health challenges are widespread in the modern world.

In the UK one out of every four people will suffer mental health difficulties at some point in their lives.

Life events such as the loss of a loved one, colleague or friend, unemployment, uncertainty about having a job in future, financial hardship, migration and identity issues are just a few of many causes of mental distress.

Due to language barriers, stigma and lack of knowledge of services available to sufferers, it can be especially difficult for people from ethnic communities to reach out for help.

Multilingual Wellbeing Services support people in their own language to learn more about mental health and get the support they deserve.

Mental Health Awareness Workshops 

MWS works with a range of different communities in Barnet to raise awareness of mental health and wellbeing.

This is done through Happy Life workshops provided across Barnet.

In our workshops we provide & deliver information about mental health in community languages including  Farsi, and Chinese

All of the workshops are co-facilitated by volunteers. Please contact  for more information and details of upcoming workshops.