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1st Floor, Advice and Information Centre Edgware Community Hospital Burnt Oak Broadway Middlesex HA8 0AD

MWS a consortium of independent voluntary sector providers:

Multilingual Wellbeing Services is an independent voluntary sector provider of mental health services to Black, minority ethnic and refugee communities in Barnet. The founding partners are Afghan Association (Paiwand), Barnet Refugee Service, Chinese Mental Health Association, Farsophone Association and Somali Family Support Group

Our vision
- improve and maintain the emotional wellbeing of BMER (Black, minority ethnic and refugee) communities in Barnet and the neighbouring boroughs.

Our mission
- to mobilise and support BMER communities to access Mental Wellbeing Service to achieve the above vision by:
- Providing a co-ordinated and comprehensive, community led, culturally appropriate, mother tongue counselling and wellbeing services.
- Community-led mother tongue counselling and well being services.

Our Objectives are:
• To increase awareness of mental health professionals about different cultural perspectives of mental health and to develop a culturally capable workforce
• To inform and educate BMER communities about mental health issues
• To increase the number of people accessing mental health services at early stages
• To influence policy around BMER mental health and well-being
• To enable BMER communities to explore, use and share existing cultural techniques to deal with mental health issues
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Who We Can Help

Anyone who would like to get more information about mental health &...

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About Mental Health

Mental health challenges are widespread in the modern world. 1 out of 4 in UK...

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Awareness Workshops

MWS works with a range of different communities in Barnet to raise...

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Your service was very helpful for me.I was respected and guided. I felt that I could rely on persons like my case worker. With special thanks to her. - By Mr F.M from Iran

I am just calling to thank you. You helped me when I thought nobody could. You saved my life. I am very very happy. Thank you. - By Ms B.

After 4-5 sessions things started to change and I gradually felt that I could get better. My counsellor pulled out part of my pain. It was difficult but I didn’t miss a session and kept going back. I feel better now. I don’t get frustrated like I used to and have hope for the future. Thank you for ... - By Mrs A from Afghan Community